NLP Course - Neuro-Linguistic Programming Introductory (Foundation) Course Practitioner Course
Introductory (Foundation) Course
    The Introductory Course begins as a stimulating and fun process of self-development in the areas of communication and goal-setting. This course will give you a strong basis in the fundamental attitudes, methodologies, techniques, principles and practices of NLP, and put you on the path to becoming an excellent practitioner.  You will learn new communication and goal-setting skills, and strengthen your ability to manage and contribute to change. 
     You will begin to develop abilities in three core competencies that will enable you to achieve greater success in your job or personal life:


  • Seizing Opportunities

            Through the course you will develop the confidence to take action whenever you need to, and unlock you ‘inner resources’ to support you when the going gets tough.

  • Working Together 

            You will learn how to build instant rapport based on trust, how to ask better questions to gain an in-depth understanding of others' motivations, and how to understand a set of ‘core beliefs’ that will enable you to get the best from others.

  • Releasing Potential
            You will develop ways of thinking about what you want so that your outcomes become more compelling and easier to achieve. You will also develop your ‘core beliefs’ that will give you more choice in any situation. You will learn how to use timeline techniques that will enable you to plan and develop new courses of action.


An introductory course might last just a couple of hours in the evening, or might be a two or three day course, designed not only to teach you the theory of NLP, but to give you a set of skills to take away with you which can, quite simply, enhance your everyday life in ways you never knew existed. Below are just some of the learning and skills you might expect to be taught on an Introduction to NLP.


            1. The operating principles or presuppositions of NLP
            These are a set of beliefs which, if you act as if they are true, can change your life. For example, "There is no failure, only feedback". By knowing how to identify the states that are most conducive to learning, you will learn how to lead and manage your own and other people's states.

            2. Rapport skills
Developing rapport-building skills and determining with whom to build rapport is a must-know technique in establishing successful business relationships.                

            3. Well-formed outcomes
You will learn how to set goals so they are easier and more fun to achieve not only for yourself but for others as well by asking better questions to uncover real motivations, needs and desires, and through learning about unconscious communication.

            4. The structure of thought
            You will learn about modalities, submodalities, representation systems, accessing cues, and more.


Business Benefits

            Communication, goal-setting, and creativity are some of the most critical skills in a successful business. Improving your abilities in these areas will enable you to be more effective and gain more personal satisfaction from a job well done. Even small improvements in these areas can have a significant impact on your efficiency and effectiveness. 


Personal Benefits

            NLP is about increasing personal choice. Participants are often delighted to discover that they have many more choices available to them in their lives. The skills gained during the course will enable you to develop stronger and more satisfying inter-personal relationships, increase creativity, and improve your ability to achieve goals through more effective goal-setting and time management. 



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